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ElectroTrans – Pictures at an exhibition!

The booth of our Russian Partners, NPP Energya, who hosted us at ElectroTrans 2019

The brochures of Ghisalba, producer of electromechanical components distributed by GPS, Anastasia – our interpreter at the booth – and Bernardo Sainz

Bruno Passerini, GPS CEO, Vladimir Osipov, Energya CEO and a Tesla Model X hooked to a 150kVA supercharger designed and produced by our Russian Partners

A fast charging station for full electric buses. Energya, designer and manufacturer of these stations, already installed quite a few of them in Moskow

GPS-AMI presented the new families of TEC modules Here Bruno, helped by Nicolaj for the language, shows a module designed for MV applications

Bernardo shows a railways application, the revamping of a circulating current cycloconverter feeding the Amtrak line in Pennsylvania, USA

Bernardo describes the Control Configuration of the revamped cycloconverter

Bernardo and Bruno conclude the presentation


Moskow by night