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Rectifier Diodes – Plastic case

Rectifier Diodes
(plastic case)

P/N   ⇅
Ø max / Ø pole / height
GEDG10808008008.319043 / 24 /14
Plastic diodes
Rectifier Diodes - Plastic case GEDG1080


Rectifier Diodes with plastic case

Rectifier diodes are a type of diode that is specifically designed for use in rectification applications, where they are used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). They are characterized by their ability to handle high current and voltage levels, and they are typically made of materials such as silicon or selenium that are able to withstand high temperatures.

Some rectifier diodes are encased in a plastic casing rather than a ceramic or metal package. Plastic-encapsulated rectifier diodes, also known as plastic thyristors (PETs), have several advantages over traditional rectifier diodes. They are more resistant to shock and vibration, and they have a higher dielectric strength, which makes them less prone to electrical breakdown. They are also more resistant to moisture and other environmental factors, which makes them well suited for use in outdoor or harsh environments.

Plastic-encapsulated rectifier diodes are commonly used in applications where traditional rectifier diodes are not suitable due to their size, weight, or operating temperature limitations. They are also used in applications where the plastic casing is preferred for its mechanical and environmental properties. Overall, plastic-encapsulated rectifier diodes are a useful tool for controlling and regulating the flow of power in a wide range of applications, and they are an important component in many power control systems.