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Quality System


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GPS policy is to maintain a Quality System able to fulfill Customer requirements and aimed to enhance Customer satisfaction.

We are ISO9001 certified since 2001.
In July 2018 we successfully passed the certification audit of our Quality Management System which has been upgraded to comply with 2015 Edition of ISO9001 standard.
GPS-Management System Certificate

Human resources

GPS is well taken care in the selection and training of its human resources or of all personnel involved in work affecting product quality.


GPS has among its objectives to adopt and maintain adequate infrastructure to make products and services in accordance with the requirements.

Management review

Once a year the direction carry out a review of the quality system with the participation of the representative of the Executive Board and head of engineering.

Quality system certification gps


GPS implements a Quality Management System based on ISO9001 Standard.

Click on DNV mark to access the DNV validation page containing the status of  our Certificate.