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Our Products


High power semiconductors devices
Rectifying diodes
Welding diodes
Fast recovery diodes
Phase control SCR’s
Fast switching SCR’s

Gps Easy Modules

GEM module family (Dual, Quad, Hexa, and Octal) brings to the high power applications the same compactness, ease of use and scalability of the lower power semiconductor modules.

High power modules

TEC single, dual, triple e quad SCR modules
TEB SCR modules for regen and non-regen motor drives
DEB diode modules for regen and non-regen motor drives
Field Power Supply modules (three and single phase)
Line overvoltage filters

Open Assemblies

SCR/diode bridges from 200A to 5,000A, line voltages up to 1,200V
Two-way bridges up to 5,000A
Double-wye converters up to 18,000A
Single- and three-phase AC-Switches beyond 2,400A, Line voltages up to 690V
Broad range of standard and Custom products

Companion Devices

Line Filters
Electronic Boards
Fan Detection Board

Accessories power assemblies

High current flexible braided leads
Earth leads
Rigid bus-bars
Stainless steel stand-offs
Line overvoltage clippers
AC current transformers
Fan assemblies

Bar Clamps

World’s widest product line
UL insulating materials
Round- or flat-head bar clamps
Two-bolt pre-loaded bar clamps (5-45kN)
Four-bolt pre-loaded bar clamps (30–50kN)
Totally insulated bar clamps

Box Clamps

Self-adjusting box clamps for both A- and E-Puk devices (5–10kN)
Box clamps for G- and B-Puks (up to 15kN)
Custom design parts available on demand

Accessories Power Semiconductors

Trigger leads
SCR pulse transformer modules
Rigid and flexible power terminals for stud devices
Aluminum and copper heatsinks (air and water cooled)
SCR fault detection boards
Fan loss detection boards
SCR driving boards
RC snubber boards


Thank’s to the long experience in serving customers of the high power semiconductor market. Green Power Solutions has developed one of the world’s widest product line of Accessories able to cover most of the needs of the users.

Components kitting

The attitude of the company to better serve this market is shown by the flexibility of its offer. Based on the needs, even of the moment. Customers can decide the level of integration of the supply that better fits their needs: semiconductors, box clamps, bus-bars, etc as a simple kit, already partially mounted or fully assembled.